End Police Brutality

A nation should not live in fear of its protectors.

#BlackLivesMatter #ZeroJustice

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George Floyd Memorial Timeline

8 minutes and 46 seconds. That's how long George Floyd was suffocated by 4 police officers. If you want to know how long that truly is, refresh the page and do not touch your mouse or the screen. The page will scroll by itself for the full 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

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5 Demands, Not One Less

  1. Create an independent inspector body to investigate police misconduct and criminal allegations and controls evidence like body camera footage. Any use of lethal force shall trigger an automatic investigation by this body.

  2. Create a requirement for states to establish board certification with minimum education and training requirements to provide licensing for police. In order to be a law enforcement officer, you must possess this license. The inspector body in #1 can revoke the license.

  3. Refocus police resources on training, de-escalation, and community building.

  4. Adopt the “absolute necessity” doctrine for lethal force as implemented in other states. "I feared for my life" is no longer a valid excuse for unwarranted brutality and fatal mistakes.

  5. Codify into law the requirement for police to have positive control over the evidence chain of custody. If the chain of custody is lost for evidence, the investigative body in #1 can hold law enforcement officers and their agencies liable.

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